Turkish Evisa… We’re happy to help!

Turkish Evisa… We’re happy to help!

We’ve recently had a few calls for guests who have already booked their holidays with us asking if we could help them with getting their evisa to Turkey. The answer, of course, is….of course we can!

It takes no time at all and we are more than happy to perform this small service at no cost to the guest, apart from the actual visa cost which is $20…. why the Turkish government can’t charge in sterling is beyond me! Anyway I was wondering how our competitors responded to this sort of request and was blown away to find that some of our competition actually charge up to £8 per visa for the privilege of doing it for you….ridiculous! We are supposed to be in the service industry and it’s nonsense like this that makes me despair. And one of these tour operators actually thinks of themselves as a specialist! And another so called specialist Turkish tour operator actually point blanc refuses to help…its actually there on their website!

So if you think you’ll struggle to get your head around this evisa business or if you just can’t be bothered, simply call us and we’ll gladly do it for you for free….plus, of course, the actual cost of the evisa.

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